Saturday, May 30, 2009

Our Happy Baby Is Back!

We have our happy girl back!! Madi has been a completely different baby meltdowns and lots of smiles and laughs. It is so great to see her back to her happy self again. Her potassium levels are back up so she doesn't need to take potassium anymore...thank God! We also switched her blood pressure medicine to one that is a much smaller volume so it is much easier to give to her. She has taken all her meds today like a champ with not a tear much different from the past few days. I think the main difference is the potassium which I think burned/hurt and set her up for a horrible day. She is now also on a steroid as she has a little build up of fluid around her heart. It is not the best tasting but she did pretty well with it and I made sure she had a bottle close by for a chaser! She will only be on this for 5 days and I am hoping this will also help her lungs out a bit. The best news of all is that we are going home tomorrow!!!!! Madi will go home on a little bit of oxygen (1/8 liter) and will probably only need this short term. It is just going to take some time for her lung pressure to balance out. We will most likely have to go to a pulmonologist eventually to work on her pulmonary hypertension. Other than that, not much new to report. Her heart still looks good and her surgeon and cardiologist are happy with the repair. A huge thanks to the awesome medical team who did a great job...especially Dr Woods who worked his magic and repaired what he said was "the most complicated AV Canal he had ever seen"!

It is amazing to sit back and think about what has happened over the past week. I look at my little baby and can't believe that she had open heart surgery 9 days ago...she is amazing! If you looked at her today you would never know (well, minus the oxygen she is hooked up to). I have gained so much strength from her and watching all she has gone through. I feel so bad for her, but know that this will only make her stronger. Here are some pics from the past few days:
Madi plotting a way to escape from the hospital

Playing with Nonna and Grandpa
Showing off her tough-girl scar

Reading books last night


  1. GREAT NEWS!! Love that first pic, it's priceless. We are so happy you guys are back home and that Madi is her smiley self again. We hope and pray all continues to go well.

  2. Madison is the cutest thing ever. Just looking at her makes you want to pick her up. Wow I read some of your blogs and it looks like you had some complications with the OHS as we did. Glad to hear that everything cleared up and that it worked itself out. It would be fun to watch Wysdom and Madison grow up together as they are so close in age.