Saturday, May 23, 2009

Daddy's Little Ranger

Well, Madi is having another fantastic day! This morning the Dr's decided to take out her chest tubes, pacer wires, catheter, and arterial line. The pacer wires were hooked to a machine that would pace her heart if it got into a funky rhythm. The chest tubes are tubes that drain the excess fluid around her heart. They had to sedate her to pull out the wires so she has been pretty sleepy today. If she hears our voices she tries so hard to wake up and look around but she is still pretty out of it. The good thing is that she seems very comfortable. Now that the wires are out she is off of the heavy pain meds through the IV and is getting pain meds by mouth as needed. This will help to wake her up more so she is not so out of it...she is definitely still in her "happy place". Getting these wires out is a huge step and she is doing great!!! They said as long as everything continues to go well tonight she will most likely be out of the ICU tomorrow and on to the regular floor for the next few days.

I was also able to hold her today!! It has been so hard for me to not get to hold my little girl and finally after all the wires were out...the moment came. It was almost as wonderful as holding her for the first time after she was born. I was a little afraid of hurting her but she seemed very comfortable back in mommy's arms!

We are just so incredibly proud of her. She has been such a trooper through all of this and she is doing so well. She truly is our little fighter...she is Daddy's little Ranger! :) I will post some more pics of her once we get back home. It is so nice to see her sweet face without the ventilator!

Thank you again for all of the love, support and words of encouragement through this tough time. We already feel like she has come so far and we are so close to a full recovery. It is so nice to know that the surgery is behind us and we can move forward and get her feeling better.

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