Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Here are Madi's Jump Start orthotics and shoes that her PT recommended she wear while working on standing. I am not the best at using these but we do try to put her in them each day for a bit while she is standing. The shoes are pretty heavy and solid so she has a hard time pulling to stand in these. She does have quite a bit of pronation in her feet when she is standing so the orthotics help to properly stabilize her ankles. When she is barefoot, she is now pulling to stand on EVERYTHING and (dare I say it) starting the beginning stages of cruising while holding on to the furniture. This is a big step for her as until recently, it seemes that Madi thought her feet were cinder blocks that were not to be moved. So, we finally have some progress. I was originally hoping that Madi would be walking when the baby is born (in September) but given how BUSY this girl is that may not be such a good thing! :) It's all on her time and I am totally fine with that! Until then, we will keep working on getting stronger and enjoying every minute of this sweet girl!

Showing me how big she is

Baby Signing Times

Baby Signing Times has a new fan. We are working on teaching her that she doesn't need to sit so close to the TV to learn all of the signs.

No matter how far away she starts out, she always ends up right there...silly Madi! She is not much of a tv watcher in general but she absolutely loves Baby Signing Times. I love watching her sign with the video. She (and I) have actually learned quite a bit from these videos. Madi is now consistently signing at least 25 different signs. Her signing has taken off over the past few months and she seems to be learning a few new signs a week. Signing has definitely been giving her a way to tell me when she wants something and has cut down on the frustration on both our parts. She is using more and more signs without me prompting her. She gets so proud of herself when she randomly signs drink and, voila...mom presents her with a straw cup full of water. Way to go Madi...keep up the good work but try not to strain your neck so much!