Monday, May 25, 2009

So Far So Good

So today has been a busy day for Miss Madi. She had a good night and rested peacefully. She even cracked a few smiles for me at 4am!!! I was so happy that I had to wake Dave up so he could see our smily girl. It was so good to catch a glimpse of the Madi we know and see her feeling well enough to smile. She has been taking tylenol with codine for the pain and that seems to be keeping her comfortable. She has had some major constipation issues and needed some help to get things moving! We'll just say that she has found some relief and is a much happier baby.

This morning we had the echocardiogram of her heart as well as a chest xray. We were very nervous to se ethe results of the echo as this will tell us whether or not the repair was still successful. We were just praying that the valves were not leaking excessively! Everything on the echo looks good. Her left valve has a minimal leak which is very normal. She can have a nominal leak like this forever and never have any problems. The right side did have a larger leak but that is due to pulmonary hypertension (high blood pressure of the pulmonary artery which is a blood vessel that carries oxygen-poor blood from the right ventricle to the lungs). Her cardiologist said it is very common to have higher lung pressures post surgery and that this is all in the realm of normal. He also said that it is very common in kids with down syndrome. He said it usually just takes time to get the pressures lower and oxygen helps. So, we will not be weaning Madi off of oxygen for a few days. There are some medications that can help pulmonary hypertension if it doesn't get better with oxygen and time. The main one used is Viagra. Yes, you read that right...I did say Viagra. He said that Viagra was initially used for pulmonary hypertension and they found a great side effect to make them millions! :) So, our little girl may be on Viagra...hmmm! They are going to do a repeat enchocardiogram on Friday to see how it all looks. This is all good news and we are no longer concerned about the need for another surgery immediately!!! Woohoo

Maid is pretty worn out this afternoon and has not been the happiest girl today. Every time anyone in scrubs comes near her she makes a sour face and starts to whine. She has already figured out that someone in scrubs = getting prodded.

Happy Memorial Day!!! Please take a moment to honor the true meaning of Memorial Day and remember those who have served our country and especially those who have given their life! Thanks Daddy and rest in peace Rick and Dale.

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  1. Jenn- Thanks for the updates! I hope everything looks great Friday, and Madi continues to improve!

    Dave - Thank you for your service, we are all lucky to have people like you serve for our country.