Friday, May 22, 2009

Our Tough Cookie

Madi is having a great day! She had a busy but good night and she is doing wonderful. She did spike a temperature over night but they put a cooling blanket on her which did the trick. Obviously, it is very common to have a bit of a fever after surgery but it is important to keep her blood pressure down right now, so they have tight perameters for where they want her temperature to be. When we arrived at the hospital this morning Madi was awake. She is still pretty sedated and sleepy but definitely wakes up and looks around a lot. She is squirming all over but is not fighting the tubes. It is great to see her doing so well but was hard to see her awake and squirming to try and get comfortable. She is still on the ventilator so she is unable to make any noise. She looked at me a few times and I could tell she was trying to cry by the look on her face and it literally tore my heart out!!! I can only imagine what she must be, why aren't you picking me up...what is going on. I keep reminding myslef that she will not remember this...thank God! It is so reassuring to see her doing well and to get positive updates from the nurses and doctors. Currently they are weaning her off of the ventilator and plan to have her off of it sometime this evening!!! Her lungs are a little "wet" so they are also working on trying to loosen the fluid and suction it out. Every hour they lower the amount the ventilator is helping her and she is handling it beautifully. She is our tough little cookie!!! Dave just helped give her a sponge bath and change her bedding. She is now resting peacefully...awake but definitely comfortable! We will continue to keep you posted. Thank you again for all of the prayers...they are working!!!

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