Saturday, July 18, 2009

Finally...We're Back!

It's been a while and quite a lot has happened in the past month. Madi took her first plane ride to Sacramento to visit family and friends over the 4th of July. Dave had to stay back and coach a baseball tournament so I decided to take Madi on her first plane ride...ALONE! One word describes Madi...awesome! She was amazingly perfect. She literally ate right when we got on the plane and then slept almost the entire way (both times). She woke up as we started our descent and put on a show for everyone with her babbles and giggles. Multiple people commented on how lucky I am to have such an easy baby...and they are right! We had a great time in Sacramento and enjoyed the Lichtenberger BBQ and firework show on the 4th. Madi and her cousin Mia also starred in the infamous "Govan Parade". For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about and never saw pics of Jason and I all decked out on the 4ht for the parade when we were kids, here is a brief explanation. There is a neighborhood parade every year on the 4th at the end of the block I grew up on. The kids decorate their bikes, strollers, skateboards, scooters, etc and race down the street and back while music plays and parents line the streets. It is amazing how many kids now participate. It was fun to have the girls together in their first parade. My brother and I were in the parade every year from age 5 to whenever we were too cool...who knows when that was! :)
It has been very hot here in the Northwest...I love it! We have been enjoying the summer and spending quite a bit of time outside. The running stroller is getting some good use these days. This morning Madi and I walked up to the farmer's market and got some peaches and butternut squash. I have been making Madi homemade baby food for a while now and she loves it. So far she has tried and loved: avocado, peaches, sweet potatoes, mango and squash. It is so easy to make her food and since we only feed her organic it makes it more affordable...gotta love that. Not to mention it tastes SO much better!
Madi is also fully recovered from her staph infection. It only took about 3 weeks or so to completely close and heal all the way. The scar is slightly wider at the top of the incision but it looks great. It is amazing how the body was a huge open wound and then just closed up on its own. They recommend that we keep it out of the sun for a full year so it doesn't stay dark forever. I massage it every day and rub vitamin E and a cream for scars on it which she seems to like.
Madi is changing and getting stronger everyday. She is "talking" and yelling a ton these days. She has found her voice and loves to make all sorts of noises. She now likes to growl which is pretty funny. She laughs all the time and truly is a happy baby. We can't imagine life without her. Here are some recent pics:

Madi at physical therapy

Having fun on the 4th

Ready for the parade
The "old man face"

Grandpa Larry loves the Giants!
She already knows karate!
Do you see a slight resemblance?