Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cardiology Update

Madi had a follow-up appointment with her cardiologist today. Here is a quick review to catch everyone up on Madi and the status of her heart:

Madi had open heart surgery on May 21st to repair a complete AV Canal defect. The surgery was much more complicated than they thought but they were able to repair her defect. Lots of prayers, some miracle working by Dr Woods, and a tough fighter for a daughter got us through! A few days after surgery the valves began to slightly leak (no big deal...this is common). They were only SLIGHTLY leaking so we were told they would just monitor the situation and there was a good chance that she would never need surgery again as long as there was not an increase in the leaking. She has had quite a few echo's done in the past 3 months and all looks great...until today! Today we received some good news and some bad (well, we'll just say not so good) news. The valve on the left side (the most concerning side) is now actually leaking less. This is great news because the left side of the heart is the side that pumps blood to the body. We obviously want that fully functioning! :) Looking at her echo today, the leak on the right side has gotten a little worse and her heart is actually enlarged now...something that we have not seen. There is a slight VSD on the right side that has started to leak more. It could CLOSE ON IT'S OWN (I am putting that in caps because I truly believe in positive thinking) but if it doesn't they will need to go back in and repair it. The surgery would be less involved than the first time as they would only need to go into the right side but it would still be open heart surgery with the bypass machine, ventilator, and chest tubes...the works. Her Dr did say that if she does need to have surgery, they probably wouldn't do it for at least another 6 months.

So here we are again. I am not freaking out yet. Actually I think it is odd that I am staying somewhat calm about this. Maybe it's because we knew there was a chance this would happen. Maybe it's because we've been through it (and although it was the worst day of my life) we know what to expect. Maybe it's because we truly are helpless in this situation and can't do anything to influence the outcome either way. Maybe it's because I have seen what my little girl is capable of and I know she will make it through with a smile on her face. Who knows! The fact of the matter is I am on my hands and knees praying that it will CLOSE. I am hopeful that it will and until I hear differently, I am hanging on to that glimmer of hope. So, I am asking to once again start the prayer chains for Miss Madi. I truly appreciate the support and prayers that are sent our way. They have helped us get to this place today and they will help us get through to tomorrow. So we have a follow-up scheduled for 2 months and they will do another echo to see how the leak looks. The appointment is actually scheduled for October 29th...Madi's 1st birthday. Maybe that will bring us some luck! :)


  1. I will keep Madi in my prayers!! Bennett has mild to moderate leaking in his Mitral Valve so we could be in your same shoes down the line. You'll get through this and your daughter seems like a strong little girl. Hope to hear that hole closes up!!

  2. Sending you lots and lots of prayers. I hope that hole closes itself and that Miss Madi continues to thrive. She's amazing and so are you.

  3. Saying prayers too. I think you missed your calling as a cardiac nurse Jenn. Madi is in such good hands with you, Dave & God watching out for her.

  4. Sending lots of good thoughts and prayers to you and Madi. Ugh..that sounds like such a suprise to both of you. Praying that the enlargement of the heart goes away and that everything works out.

    Our children are fighters and are strong and will get through all of this and still be the joys of our lives:)

  5. Hi Jen!
    I just ordered another batch of "i did it" tees and I want to make sure Madi gets one this time. Email me at and let's make sure it happens! I have her down for a 6-12 mos one. I can give you info on payment and I will need to get your address to ship :)!!! So fun!