Saturday, August 1, 2009

9 Months Old

Madi is now 9 months old and is doing great! She just got her first tooth yesterday. I knew it was close to coming in for a little while now but it finally popped its way through. So far she has done great with teething. She woke up once last night and once a few nights ago but was easily consoled and put back to sleep. It was either due to teething or the record setting heat we have experienced here...yes 104 last week. Don't forget that we don't have AC so we camped out downstairs for a few nights. Our upstairs ws at least 90 degrees at 10pm!!!

So Madi had her 9 month check up and here are her amazing stats:
Weight - 15lbs 6oz
Height - 26.5 inches

She is still our little peanut but is steadily growing! She IS starting to put on weight and grow...amazing what having a fixed heart does! Now that she is all healed up we are focused on working on her gross motor development. We knew she would have some motor setbacks from surgery but she has done so much better than I expected. We are still working on sitting and she is getting pretty close. It is amazing to sit back and reflect on all that she has been through in her short 9 months of life. She continues to amaze us and steal our hearts every day. She has developed such a fun personality...she really is a goofball these days.

Here are a few of her favoite things:
- Oliver (our 5 year old Beagle). She cracks up when she sees him and does all she can to grab him.
- Playing peekaboo! She puts a blanket over her own head and pulls it off, then cracks up when you say Boo.
- Any sort of clicking, popping, smacking noise you make with your mouth. She laughs and stares intently trying to mimick the noise you are making.
-Showing off how big she is. When you say "How Big is Madi?" she will put her hands in the air and smile to show you just how big she is!
- Singing...she even loves Mommy's voice!
- Sophie the Giraffe. For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about...Sophie is a rubber giraffe that pretty much looks like a dog toy. It is the absolute best teething toy I have found and she loves it.
- Drinking water out of a glass although most of it gets spit/drooled right back out.
- Cellphones...if one is anywhere in reach she will grab it
- Water...she is a water baby!
We have spent the last few days trying to stay cool. Madi has gone swimming a few times and absolutely loves the water. We need to get her into a swimming class! I was talking to her physical therapist and they are thinking of putting together a water play group for his early intervention kids. It would be taught by a physical therapist so it would be fun and therapy all in one!

Of course I had to post a few pics of Madi. She is getting cuter by the day!!!


  1. Wow..she is doing such an amazing job. Look at her siting up in her little chair. Too cute. We just put Wysdom in his for the first time this week.

    Way to go Madi!

  2. Happy 9 month birthday Madi! She is so cute and looks to be a very happy baby!

  3. YEAH Madi!!!
    I love the new photos!!!! We missed you this weekend at the conference. Next year it's in Orlando!!!
    Talk soon! Check out my latest blog post, I think of Madi and all she has done in the past nine months!!