Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summer Fun

Sorry to leave everybody hanging...Madi is doing much better! Her cardiologist bumped her lasix up to 3x a day and that did the trick. Within a few days she was breathing easier. I am so glad it didn't turn into a bigger issue. I have definitely learned that we still need to be germ freaks when it comes to Miss Madi. A typical cold to you and me is a lot worse for a heart baby with an underlying lung condition.

Madi now officially has 2 bottom teeth. They are both crooked and slant in opposite directions making an upside-down v! They are so cute...I will try and get a picture of them!

Madi has been a busy girl these past few weeks. She went swimming, took her first boat ride, floated on American Lake, went blackberry picking, and has gone on many walks and runs! We also went and spent the day with Aunt Sarah and cousin Mia. The girls actually play now and are constantly trying to poke, pull or suck on one another. Mia is scooting all over the place and Madi continues to steam roll across the room. It is pretty funny to watch them go. Madi did begin to "army crawl" a few days ago. It was very brief but she DID IT! I was not expecting it so it definitely surprised me. I swear this girl is going to scoot/crawl before she sits up on her own. I am so proud of her!

I do want to point out one thing that I absolutely LOVE about Madi that I often take for granted. She is such a cuddly little girl. When I pick her up she loves to just melt into me and literally wrap her arms around my neck and give me a huge hug. I know someday this may end so I am trying to make sure I appreciate every moment of it while I can. Oh how she melts my heart!!!Here are some pictures from a few weeks ago:

She is ready for the boat
Love the hair!
Madi with Aunty Amy
Floating on the lake
She LOVES the water


  1. Hi- just came across your blog- your little Madi is adorable! My son Bennett is 3 months old, has Down syndrome and just had heart surgery 2 weeks ago for a complete AV canal defect- sounds like they have a lot in common:) Looking forward to following your blog. Come check out Bennett if you get a chance!

  2. Glad to see Madi is doing so much better! Love the pic of Madi in the life jacket. So Cute!

  3. She is so cute. I love the one picture in the life jacket. So adorable. Glad to hear that she is doing better:)

  4. Thanks for checking in w/ us! Madi's doing great! I love that she was floating in the lake -- too cute!