Friday, September 4, 2009

Roadtrip to Montana!

Here we are in Great Falls Montana preparing for the Francisco-Kangas wedding. We decided to drive and turn this into a fun family road trip. Madi truly is an easy baby and great traveler so we figured it wouldn't be too bad. It's about a 10 hour drive to Great Falls and we have done one road trip with Madi to Sacramento when she was about 3 months old. Dave decided he had enough energy to start the drive so we left at about midnight on Wednesday. Madi literally slept the first 6 hours straight and woke up around 6:30 to eat (like I said she is a dream baby). We stopped at a rest stop and fed her and she immediately vomited all over me. Not too uncommon since she has reflux, but it has been well managed for a long time and we have had no problems. So we got all cleaned up, changed our clothes and hit the road again. She fell right back asleep for about another hour and then we decided to stop for breakfast in Missoula. When she woke up she puked again...hmm. As soon as she was done she was a happy little girl and acting like her normal sweet self. We then noticed that Dave's front tire of the truck was only half full. We had the truck serviced the day before we left so we figured it must have a leak. We decided it would be best to have it checked out at Less Schwab. They couldn't find a leak and figured the coil in the valve must have been stuck when they checked the pressure which caused a slow leak. So a quick stop for breakfast turned into a 3 hour delay in our trip. No big deal...better to be safe than sorry! We only had about 2 hours left in our trip but poor Madi had a rough time. We had to stop about 3 more times as Madi continued to vomit. I have come to the conclusion that she was car sick. As soon as she would get out of her car seat for a bit and get some fresh air she was fine. She has never had car issues before so I am not sure what was going on. We did decide to take Dave's truck which is an extremely bumpy ride. For those of you who have not seen the truck it is a F350, diesel, super duty, monster of a thing...a little too beastly and bumpy for our little princess! :) We are going to take our time going home and stay overnight in Spokane, so hopefully Madi will have an easier time. Needless to say, we may have to hold off on long trips in the truck for a little while! The truck does fit in quite well here in Montana.

We finally made it here and everything has been great ever since. Dave bought some sweet Wal-Mart style cowboy gear (pics will come soon) to wear around town and to the country themed rehearsal dinner tonight. Last night we went to a bar called the Sip-N-Dip. It is a dive bar that is attached to a hotel. The hotel swimming pool has a glass wall that it shares with the bar. At night the pool is closed and there is a girl dressed up as a mermaid that swims by the window for tips. It is hilarious and so weird all at the same time! There will be more to come of our adventures later!


  1. OMG! She is such a cutie!!! I just wanted to let you know you are an unbelievably strong person & I think more moms should be like you! I always admire you and of course wish you guys the best!!!!!

  2. Love the pic! Too bad Madi doesn't enjoy Dad's truck...just give her some time and I'm sure she'll want to ride in the truck with Dad all the time :-)