Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Little Behind

We have been a little behind on updates these last few weeks. We have had our fair share of illnesses make their way through our house...and it is only September! Hopefully we are done for the year. All three of us got the stomach flu a few weeks ago...starting with Madi, then me, then Dave. Thankfully Madi didn't seem to get it as bad as Dave and I (or maybe she is that much tougher than we are). I honestly don't think I have ever been so sick in my life...it was awful. We did all get it at separate times so we were able to rotate taking care of Madi. Once we all recovered from that I then got a sore throat/sinus infection that is just hanging around. I can't seem to kick it. I finally got some antibiotics after a week of suffering and am now starting to feel better. I have no idea what is going on...I am not usually one to be constantly sick. Oh well, such is life. Of course I am completely freaked out that Madi is going to get a cold which can easily cause more respiratory issues and trips to the ER again...but she has been doing well so far. It is pretty ironic that I am back to telling all of our friends and family how careful we need to be with Miss Madi during the flu season while Purelling their hands before they touch her...and I am the one who is sick! Ha! So the past few weeks have been fairly uneventful in our house. We did venture out to Sierra and Jason's engagement party last weekend. We are so excited for them and looking forward to the wedding in Mexico next April!! We also made it to Beth's 30th birthday party for a little while as well.

We are looking forward to participating in our first Buddy Walk in Seattle this Sunday. The Buddy Walk was started to promote community awareness and acceptance of people with Down Syndrome. There are going to be more than 280 walks taking place all across the nation this year. We have quite a few friends and family that will be joining us in "Walking With Madi"! If you are in the area...please let me know if you would like to join us...it is going to be a lot of fun! Of course I have to add a few pics of our sweet girl!

Starting her early
Oops...did I push the wrong key?

Madi and Ollie working on tummy time
Daddy's Mini-Me
We love football season...Go Seahawks!

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