Sunday, February 1, 2009

Madison's Story

She was sent to us three weeks early but we are joyful that we FINALLY got to meet our little Madison. Madison was born during the early morning hours of October 29th 2008 at 3:43 am; 19 inches long and 6 lbs 15 oz. The last week before Madison was delivered proved to be a mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausting time for us. For those of you who we have yet to chat with, the following is an update regarding Madi:

Madi started her life as a fighter. Even before she was born, Madi fought to stay healthy in the womb. About a week before Madison was born, we found out via ultrasound and pure luck that Jenn's placenta was abnormally mature for being 36 weeks pregnant. This meant that there was a possibility that Madi wasn't getting all the nourishment she needed and that there was potential for her to be stressed In-Utero. Jenn was hooked up to several monitors so that Madi's vitals could be observed...this was last week, October 24th. After a couple days of monitoring, Jenn was admitted to the hospital on Sunday the 27th and the medical team that we were working with kept their eyes on her and Madi. After several more tests and bio-physical profile ultrasounds, the peri-natologist, mid-wives, and nursing staff all agreed that it was time to get Madison out. Jenn was induced on the evening of the 28th and Madison was born early morning on the 29th. *The above is the abbreviated version of recent events.

The day after Madi was born, we met with several doctors and found out several things about Madi that have recently proved to be emotionally challenging based on the unexpected nature of the findings. Madison has a heart condition called a Atrio-Ventricular Canal (or AV Canal). This means that she has two holes in her heart that are allowing oxygenated blood and unoxygenated blood to mix inside the heart. This condition will not significantly effect her at the moment, but she will have to have open heart surgery sometime during her 6th to 9th month of life. This heart condition is very fixable and is deemed to be 'routine'...compared to many other types of invasive heart surgery. Additionally, we have been informed that children at this age are surprisingly resilient when it comes to recovery post-surgery.

Additionally, after having discussed some other topics of interest with our doctors and nurses, we have recently been informed that there is a very good possibility that Madi has Down Syndrome (Trisomy 21). The doctors are suspicious that she has Down Syndrome because she currently has very poor muscle tone (Hypo-Tonia) and the heart condition mentioned above is apparently predominantly associated with children having Down Syndrome. Madi had some blood drawn for a chromosome test and we are awaiting the results to determine whether or not she will be officially diagnosed with Down Syndrome. So, this is the current update with Madison's status at the moment.

We want to thank everyone for their love and support and for taking interest in our lives and Madison's new life. Regardless of outcome, we have truly been blessed and we thank God for the gift of Madi in our life. She is a beautiful little girl and one thing is certain: she will be one of the most loved (if not the most loved) child in this world. Jenn and I are appreciative of your thoughts and prayers and would be grateful for your continued prayers so that Madi will be healthy enough to come home with us very soon....and, that her heart surgery will take place without issue sometime in 2009.

Many people have told us that there is nothing like the birth of your own child...that the event and the little child changes you. We now understand. The instant we met this little girl, we became different people...the change was much more profound than starting out as a married couple and becoming parents. The change we acknowledge is the kind that begins from the inner workings of your soul. This is a spiritual and life changing morph that leaves you wondering how you ever managed to travel through this world without this other little person in your life. Simply stated, Madison has become our purpose...we couldn't imagine loving someone or something any more than we love her...she is our Miracle Madi and our resilient little angel. We can all learn something from young Madi's will and desire to live. She has certainly taught us a thing or two already... :)

"Grazie mille" (a thousand thanks) to all of our wonderful family members and friends who have poured out sooo much love during this uncertain yet infinitely fruitful time. Many of our blessings are certainly the result of our beloved friends and family...we love you all.

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