Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Our White Christmas

Sorry for the late postings but we still want to fill everyone in on Madi's first Christmas. We had a few big snow storms the weeks before Christmas so we had a beautiful white Chrsitmas...what a great first Christmas. Jenn's parents were in town for the Holidays so Madi spent a lot of time with Nona and Grandpa. We spent Christmas Eve with our neighbors (the McDonalds). Chrsitmas Day was spent with Aunt Amy (Dave's sister) and Uncle Jason, Aunt Sarah and Mia (Jenn's brother and family). Madi and Mia had a lot of play time together on Madi's new play gym. Madi even noticed Mia and very intently stared at her wondering who she was. They also cooed at eachother a few times and even held hands (well I think they both grabbed on to eachother at the same time). It was funny to see them laying on the ground next to eachother, kicking away, arms flailing and very excited about all the new toys around them. It was such a wonderful Christmas full of great friends and family...we are so blessed! Madi slept through opening her presents but we know she is loving all her new toys...especially the play gym! She loves to stare at herself in the mirror...well who can blame her, she is pretty cute! We have spent the past few weeks relaxing at home and avoiding the cold snow. Mommy and Madi stayed inside and watched Daddy and the neighbors have a huge snow ball fight! We have been enjoying a lot of family time before Grandma and Grandpa have to go home (on Jan 4th) :( Below are some new pics from the past few weeks. We hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We pray that 2009 continues to bless you all!

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