Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Busy Month

Wow March proved to be a busy month for the Kang family. Jenn went back to work on March 2nd and was working full time for the month. Thank goodness I start part-time in April. The first few days were met with some tears (on my part not Madi's) but I didn't have a complete breakdown! :) Madi spent some time with Dave and some time with Aimee (our good friend and neighbor). Aimee is going to be watching Madi for us while I am at work. The month definitely flew by but I am so looking forward to only working part-time from now on.

We just finished up a busy but fun filled weekend. On Friday night we spent the evening with our neighbors Anna, Toni and Aimee. Madi was her easy, sweet self as usual. She hung out for a bit then when right to bed at her usual time and we just carried her home when the night was over. When we got to our neighbors, I realized that I forgot to bring her swaddle blanket with me for bed. I decided I would just try putting her to sleep without it and I could always run home (well...send Dave) if I needed it. Madi was a champ...she went right to sleep without being swadlded and has been sleeping that way ever since! Yay Madi! On Saturday our friends Becky and Sam came over for lunch and spent the afternoon with us. It was great to see them and introduce them to Madi. Today Madi and I went to Beth's house for brunch with Nichole, Beth and little man Kai. Kai is definitely into Madi and wanted to sit next to her (or on her), hold her, read to her, show her his toys, etc. It was so cute...he takes very good care of Madi. Kai is 19 months and is our godson and his parents (Beth and Brett) are Madi's godparents. of course, I forgot my camera so Beth will have to send some pics our way! This evening Jason (my brother) Sarah and Mia came down for dinner. It was so fun to let the cousins play together. We even got on the webcam with my mom and dad so they could share in the family fun. Thank goodness they are coming up to visit in 2 weeks...I'm sure it was killing my mom to not be there in person!

We have also set a date for Madi's heart surgery. She is going to have surgery on May 21st. We are all so anxious to get it over with. I know it will be the worst day of my life but I can't wait for the moment it is over! Thank god she will have no idea what is going on. Other than that, we have been enjoying life. We are waiting for the rain to stop and the sun to warm us up so we can spend more time outside on walks etc. Madi loves to be outside!

Madi is officially 5 months old today. She has gotten much stronger recently. She nows has a lot better head control, is sitting up in her bumbo chair and has started giggling/laughing. It is just the cutest thing I have ever seen! Here are a few recent pics:


  1. Love the new pics, and that video is hilarious! She is growing up so fast! We can't wait to see you guys again.

  2. The pic with Madi and your dog is priceless. And the last one is a favorite too!