Sunday, November 22, 2009

6 Months Ago

6 months ago yesterday Madi underwent open heart surgery. It literally was the worst day of my life. I can still remember the sheer fear, pain, anxiety, sadness and hope I felt as I watched the OR nurse take Madi down the hall to the operating room. I carried Madi all the way until we hit the double doors and that was where we had to say our goodbyes. I remember thinking that she has no idea what is about to hit her...and thank God for that! The wait was the longest 6 hours of my life. Unknown complications arose and all we could do was pray...pray for God to be with her surgeon as he did his work. 6 months ago Madi's heart was repaired and she was given a second chance at life. During that time I felt as though my heart was being stretched and was becoming more full of love for her...more than I thought was possible. Watching her fight for her life absolutely blew me away and gave me the strength and courage that I know I will need to continue to always stand up and fight for her.

We came away from this experience with so much more strength, love, faith, patience and humility. Madi continues to amaze us! 6 months later she is doing awesome. Sure her heart is not perfect but right now the doctors are all very pleased with the outcome. I am so thankful for the care, love and prayers we all received. The world of congenital heart defects is not one that I ever wanted to be a part of. I can only feel blessed for our postivie outcome and all that we gained through this experience.


  1. Madi is truely amazing! Such a sweet little girl with so many people to love her!

  2. First, I just have to day that your daughter is simply gorgeous!

    We just recently passed our one year heart surgery anniversary. I can relate quite well to this post, as I have felt many of the same things. Our son, Dylan, also had some unexpected complications, and wow, did that put alot of things in perspective...

    We truly are very lucky, aren't we?!


  3. Wow it has already been six months, how time flies. Yes it is a scary time indeed. One that makes you fight for your child. Wysdom had complications too, but look how great Madi is doing and she is such a cutie pie. I am so happy to share your journey. You have such a beautiful family.