Thursday, April 30, 2009

Growing Girl

Well 3 weeks and counting until Madi's sugery. Despite her heart condition Madi is doing great. She is gaining weight (as you can see from the pics) and her energy level is still pretty good. We are so excited to see how this surgery will change her. We have heard that she will be a different baby. We met with Teacher Barb (Madi's early intervention teacher) yesterday and she said Madi will just "take off" once she has recovered. Everyone that has worked with Madi is always pleasantly surprised at how well she is doing and developing...we are so proud of our little angel. When we work with her you can just see how much she enjoys's almost as if you can see her little brain firing and trying to take it all in. We are working on teaching her sign language right now. We are starting out with: mommy, daddy, change diaper, dog, milk, eat, and water. Hopefully Dave and I can remember all of that! :) We are also still focusing on teaching Madi to sit up on her own and use her arms to support herself. Our main goal now is to get Madi to sit up on her own and be able to reach for toys while she is sitting. She is definitely well on her way! We will be working with Teacher Barb once a week and will obviously have to take some time off once Madi has surgery. Here are some recent pics of Madi...she is definitely starting to fill out.

Trying to feed herself

Reading books before bed with "Coach D"
Our happy girl


  1. She is getting big! Great job on the last couple posts and keeping us in the loop. Hope to see you guys this weekend if you are going to the alumni game!


  2. Love it! She is totally getting big! Looks like like she loves the camera too. Soooo happy to find your blog again! Keep in touch!