Saturday, March 17, 2012

Our Neglected Blog is Back!

It has been a very long time since I posted here on our blog. I have had many friends and family members comment on how they miss reading our posts and hearing about what the Kangs are up to. So, we are back...and I am committing to keeping it going. :)

I am amazed at how quickly our girls are growing up. I love watching them learn new things and grow each day. I love to watch them play together...they truly are great friends. The laughter that radiates from our house as they run through the halls is priceless! Here is a quick update on each of our is long over due.

Ella, our not so little toddler, is already 18 months old! We just had her 18 month checkup and we will just say that she definitely takes after the Lichtenberger side. Ella is almost 34 inches tall (98th percentile) and weighs almost 27 pounds (80th percentile). She is the "big little sister" in our house. She is fearless and climbs EVERYTHING! She will move chairs, small tables, etc and use them to climb to reach things she wants. She loves to jump, dance, sing and run. Ella is definitely a princess in the making. She already LOVES to dress up. On a daily basis Ella will demand that she wear her tutu, gold boots, and sunglasses (sometimes she even has a wand to go with it). She is talking a lot and the infamous "NO" has become a favorite in her vocabulary. She adores Madi and also loves to take anything Madi has from her. I love how she only refers to Madi as "sis" or "sissy" even though she can say her name. Ella loves to be outside and will stand at the front door and beg to go "owsigh"! She is constantly mastering new skills and is growing up way tooo fast for this mama!

Madison is already 3 and a half and is turning into quite the little lady! She LOVES preschool and is completely thriving there. Madi is talking so much now and most of it is without prompting. She often still signs while saying the word as well. She loves the alphabet right now and sings her ABC's all the time. The other day Madi and I were playing with her alphabet magnets and she recognized and correctly named 12 of the letters by herself. She can also recognize and name 8 colors, and most shapes. She is even doing a great job at matching shapes and successfully matches fruit on a memory game on our ipad. I am so amazed and proud of all of her accomplishments! Madi still loves music and dancing. She also still loves mirrors and I will often catch her practicing all sorts of things in the mirror (saying new words, dancing, signing, laughing, making silly faces). she loves reading books and will sit and "read" to herself for long periods of time. We have not fully committed to potty training yet but Madi successfully uses the potty multiple times a day and even tells me (sometimes) when she has to go. We are so proud of our girl!

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